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Turn Your Store into a Art Cafe Store or Pop up Fund Raiser Promotion

*The current images shown here are all made by David Winter

A new page is displayed for any new temporary pop up exhibition which will include images by other collaberating artists taking part


Pop Up Art Cafe is a showcase for exciting new artists to sell direct to the public making each Art Cafe a great place to browse for art lovers. Larger framed prints examples can also be supplied to Art Cafe exhibitions to help increase sales.

We also engage in promotions arranged with the help of a registered charity where one third of the print or artwork cost is donated.

Each print is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.
You can order prints ready for framing or visit us here online at where we carry a large selection of prints.

We also supply a large range of exclusive Art Cafe designer tee shirts and fashion bags and accessories that can be custom made to your requirements. This includes a range of tee shirt limited edition fashion designs that can be signed by the artist. Wear it or frame it!


*Ask us about our design services for fashion products, promotions and advertising.

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